You can Blog about anything with UBlogger...Well, just about anything!

You can even blog about your own videos or someone else's videos!

UBlogger is an extremely simple Blogging platform for collecting and developing ideas and sharing them. UBlogger helps you to create thoughts; then it makes it easy to publish those ideas in successful articles. No other video sharing website offers this powerful advantage.

Composing and Promoting your Videos

For promoting, propagating and making your videos more visible, easier to find and more appealing UBlogger is very powerful because the Blog never goes away; it stays on the internet permanently.  Blogging about your videos is probably the most powerful tool you have to keep your videos in the eyes of the public.  UBlogger gives you useful tools that compliment your ideas and your accomplishments when you write your blog post

Search Engine Friendly

Take advantage of the powerful SEO and SEF UBlogger offers.  UBlogger uses AceSEF and SEFAdvance to make your permalinks optimized for SEO purpose. After your video is uploaded use the Video URL and paste it on your blog for people to click on the URL to view your video.  Not to worry because UBlogger redirects any broken links to the active ones. Awesome features built right in the UBlogger which will take you, your followers, your fans and your videos to the next level.

Team Blogging

We believe in TEAM - Together Everyone Achieves More. Group your bloggers into teams and empower each of them to reach a common blogging goal, e.g. creating fresh content.

Micro Blogging

Feeling the urge to blog something short? Just post little blogs like a picture, a quote or a video while on the go, Twitter or Tumblr style.

Scheduled Posting

Need better time management? How about scheduling your posts to be published automatically on a pre-defined date?

Remote Blogging

Not with your home computer but need to get that blog up? Use tools with XML-RPC support like Windows Live Writer, ScribeFire and MarsEdit to blog remotely and instantly.

Password Protection

Secure your private blogs with passwords because the world doesn't need to know everything. Passwords can help you limit your blogs to certain viewers only.

Social Networks

Add blogging capabilities for your social network. Unimundo’s Blog integrates smoothly in online communities created with other blogs.


Achieve more with enhanced spam filtering as Unimundo’s Blog comes with Akismet and ReCaptcha integrations. This will keep your comments area free from spam and junk.

Schema Tags for SEO

With schema tags, Unimundo Blog's HTML markup is compliant with Google's standard to achieve better SEO performance. It helps your blog posts fast with review information and ratings being shown in the search results immediately if not faster.

Advanced Media Manager

A blog is not complete without captivating images. With Unimundo’s Blog, you have the power to manage, upload, resize and publish images as you want. You can easily tap into your Flickr albums and show them in here, too.

Feed Imports

Share your favorite content from elsewhere with feed imports. It pulls the content and automatically publishes it for you whenever new content is available.

Auto-save Drafts

Focus on content creation while Unimundo’s Blog helps you auto-save your work, automatically.

Email Blogging

You can update blogs and images away from home via your own email clients like Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and more. With Unimundo’s Blog, your blog is just an email away.


Tag your blogs with relevant keywords and allow users to search for blogs, fast and easy.

Built-in Migrator

Don't be afraid of losing your old blogs! It is super easy to migrate them from K2, WordPress, ZOO and even more to Unimundo’s Blog with a click of a button.


Stay updated with the world, because you need to.

Email Notifications

People love to stay updated. Never miss any updates from bloggers with alerts and receive notifications as they come.


Subscribe to the latest blog's comments or replies and get alerts in your RSS reader so your visitors will never miss any updates from your blog.

RSS Feeds

Allow your visitors to stay updated to your blogs by subscribing to RSS feeds and get more traffic to your site.


Communication is important, that's why we made it easy for you.

Built-in Comments

Use the built-in comment tool or those from other Joomla developers. Unimundo’s Blog supports Disqus, IntenseDebate and Facebook Comments too


Forget about manually updating Facebook and Twitter with your latest blogs. Let Unimundo’s Blog do it for you, automatically.

Social Sharing

Blogs can easily be shared on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and more. Just click on your favorite social media and post it directly to your wall. It brings more traffic to your blog, too.

Location Services

Let people know where you've been and where your blog is posted from. Maps give the extra knowledge that your visitors would love to know.


UBlogger is more than just blogging. These are just some of the other cool features that are included with UBlogger!


Unimundo’s Blog works smoothly with popular Joomla templates and themes from RocketTheme, JoomlArt, JoomShaper, BowThemes, ThemeXpert, GavickPro, YooTheme, Shape5, You!Joomla, JoomlaShack, JoomlaShine and more.


Compose blogs with your favorite WYSIWYG text editors such Unimundo’s Content Editor which works flawlessly with Unimundo’s Blog.


Keep track of your blog's visitor’s data with the Joomla Content Statistics plugin. This add-on can monitor the analytics of your blogs created in Unimundo’s Blog.

MailChimp -

 You could also use MailChimp to handle all email alerts that go out whenever new blogs are published which works fine with UBlogger to send out those alerts. .

Blog Assistant

There is a better way to spice up your blogs with the help of Zemanta . It is a great assistant that enables you to add related images and content into your blog posts. It is also great for SEO and exchanging links with other bloggers in the world with your unique content. Unimundo’s Blog also works with JV-Extensions integration to help you attach related posts.

Mobile Ready

Nomadic users will find it easy to blog on the go with their iPads, thanks to Blogsy app . You can easily configure Blogsy and post your blogs when travelling. Plus, with WeeverApps, your blogs will look pretty on smartphones and tablets.

Comment Integrations

Besides using the built-in comment system, you have the options to choose third party ones from Disqus, Intense Debate, Facebook Comments, JA Comment, RSComments, JComments, Compojoom Comments and Komento to manage comments in UBlogger for you.


UBlogger also works with PayPlans to form a membership with restricted access to blogs. This integration can limit which member(s) with specific membership to have access to view your blogs.

Pornographic materials; Media; Photos; Videos or articles in UBlogger are expressly prohibited. 

Do not use UBlogger to promote pornography. UBlogger is designed to help you promote yourself and your video creations, not pornography.  If you upload any pornographic media, photos, writings or otherwise to UBlogger we will take it down.


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