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GastaLoops (IISO Out)

From  Burt Tello Created On 27 March 2017


GastaLoops (IISO / Out) from gasta
You can view each looping gif here:
Music: IISO / Out
Browsing on internet I found a few people that are keeping themselves busy with personal projects on a daily basis. Every day they're able to post something online.
Looking at them I always thought I couldn't make it: too busy with my daily job in the studio, too busy at home with my family.
But I tried.
And I managed to do it. I just had to work against the clock.
GastaLoops is a 100 day design project with some "auto inflicted rules", strong limitations that are able to fuel the creativity. The gifs had to be:
50 frames long
with 3 flat colours (ivory, coral, black)
Some of the GastaLoops I have done are better than others. Some are technically really simple. Some are boring.
But I am really happy that I manage to keep up for 100 days, with no missing days.
I am now actively trying to do an exhibition with my loops. I think it could be visually interesting to see all of them looping together in a gallery.
For the moment, I put all the loops together in this video, enjoy!


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