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ATARAXYA The Animated Short Film

From  Ogden Tira Created On 22 March 2017


ATARAXIA from vandy films - ATARAXIA is a short film that was born after a discussion with a good friend, Rudi. Rudi is a runner, he loves the great outdoors and running long distances. He also holds a PhD in linguistics and once talked about "ataraxia", this incredible state of freedom that he sometimes reaches during long alpine outings. This film is about understanding that feeling.
Pictures from behind the scenes:
Directed by Oliver and Nicolas Jutzi
Produced by
Cinematography by Nicolas Jutzi
Sound design & Mix Victor Colelough
Voice over and voice recording by Rob Paterson
Music by Alaskan Tapes
Shot with RED Epic and DJI Inspire 1 X5


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