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1150 Canyon Road

From  Staff PicksStaff Picks Created On 30 May 2015


1150 Canyon Road by Art Graft Thriller Short Film draws inspiration from the iconic architectural photographs of Julius Shulman and 70’s and 80’s gangster films. It’s an interesting exercise in subtle storytelling, using a minimal set of cinematic tools to create a larger world and experience. The single shot technique is more than just a gimmick here, acting as a narrative device in which the plot elements reveal themselves the further the camera dollies backwards. What starts on the facade of a simple American house mutates into a colorful, crime espionage thriller, complete with plentiful action clichés and stereotypes mined for comedic effect. The entire film is dripping in style.

The talented team over at Art&Graft is using short film as a tool to help them grow as visual storytellers. Creative director, Mike Moloney, explains: “From the outset we decided that the only way to keep fresh and develop as a team would be to produce self-initiated work. This was initially realised through our well-received Art&Graft ‘Intro’s’ series, of which we’ve made numerous now and act as an initial challenge to any animator starting out in our studio. Even though these Intro’s are fun we wanted to work on something a little more challenging. So, we decided to start producing a series of short studio films in between other commercial projects, the catchily titled ‘Art&Graft Studio Films’.”

Needless to say, they’ve been quite successful in this endeavor. These “personal” projects have already racked up some substantial views online and even scooped up a Vimeo Staff Pick. It just goes to show you that in the modern creative industry, the best way to spur new business is to craft original work. And, by using short film as the medium in which to do it, well, that just makes us over here at Short of the Week very, very happy.

To learn more about the fantastic team over at Art&Graft, visit their website and follow them on twitter.


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