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From  Red Bolt Films Staff PicksStaff Picks Created On 25 May 2015


Danielle - Imperceptible and unstoppable: the ageing process comes to life in this remarkable time-lapse film. The passage of time is often difficult to visualize, its effects so gradual they can be hard to perceive. We age but we don’t even notice it: in one photo, a child; in the next, an adult. In Danielle, the filmmaker Anthony Cerniello achieves a remarkable visual expression of ageing, animating still photos of various members of one family to depict a girl’s passage from childhood to old age. Against a simple white backdrop, we watch as a young woman ages serenely, almost imperceptibly. Understated yet powerful, the film depicts the tiny, subtle changes that transform us over time. The web designer Christopher Jobson explains Cerniello’s process over at Colossal, his online magazine about art, design and visual culture. Read Linda Marsa’s essay on the longevity gap for Aeon Magazine, which asks whether new drugs mean the rich will live to 120 and the poor will die at 60.

Director: Anthony Cerniello


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