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CHOIR TOUR by Edmunds Jansons

From  Red Bolt Films Staff PicksStaff Picks Created On 30 April 2015


CHOIR TOUR. Rocking somewhat of an experimental style, but serving up a more traditional “chase” narrative, Jansons’ 5-minute film follows a boys’ choir around Seoul as their mischievous group mentality leads them to non-stop hijinks in the hotel where they’re staying.

Although a synopsis that orbits around a choir of boys might not sound like everyone’s cup-of-tea, even the grumpiest of souls will find it hard not to smile at Janson’s joyous short. Visually – it’s an absolute treat to look at. Employing strong primary colours, warped perspectives and a genius piece of character-design which sees the children’s choir envisioned as a unified blob, CHOIR TOUR’s lively aesthetic feels like one with universal appeal (children should enjoy its bright, vigorous approach – whilst adults should appreciate the influences of more traditional art). Essentially created by a two-man team, Jansons’ directorial/design duties are perfectly complimented by an outstanding soundtrack provided by Ģirts Bišs. Magnify the film’s sense of fun ten-fold, if ever you truly wanted to know the importance of sound in film, try watching CHOIR TOUR with the audio turned down and see how the tone of film changes. Sure, it’s still a beautiful piece to behold, but together Jansons’ animation and Bišs’ sound design work in perfect harmony to create a dizzying assault on the senses that leaves you revelling in its sheer perfection.

The second film we’ve featured here on Short of the Week from Latvia (after Gints Zilbalodis’ Priorities), CHOIR TOUR has spent the last 2-years touring some of the largest film and animation festivals worldwide. Hoping to follow up its huge festival success (it picked up awards at Animafest Zagreb, International Animation Festival Hiroshima and London International Animation Festival to name a few) by conquering the world of online video we believe the film’s impeccable design, exuberant delivery and jovial tone make it perfect internet viewing.


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