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Björk - Vulnicura Moving Album Cover (Family)

From  Red Bolt Films Staff PicksStaff Picks Created On 24 April 2015


Björk - Vulnicura Moving Album Cover ("Family") from Andrew Thomas Huang

the video for ‘family’ was created in collaboration between björk and andrew thomas huang. the video depicts a moving cover of her current album ‘vulnicura’.

director: andrew thomas huang

concept and story by björk

creative direction by björk, andrew thomas huang & james merry
executive producers: tamsin glasson & kevin shapiro
producer: tamsin glasson
cinematographer: laura merians
production designer: thorgeir frímann ódinsson
truenorth, icelandic production:
general manager: helga margrét reykdal
executive producer: rafnar hermannsson

producer: hrönn kristinsdóttir
camera department:
focus puller: kate wurzbache
2 camera assistant: elva sara ingvarsdóttir
digital image technician: benedikt jóhannesson
audio recording and playback: frank arthur blöndahl cassata
gaffer: jonathan devaney
key grip: jón marino
production design:
production designer: thorgeir frímann óðinsson
art director: ásgeir guðmundsson
wardrobe design:
latex wardrobe design and chest embroidery by björk
embroidered mask by james merry
wound design and additional styling by hrafnhildur arnardottir aka shoplifter
dress by michael van der ham

make-up: andrew gallimore at clm london
hair: lok lau at clm london

icelandic producer: hrönn kristinsdóttir
la coordinator: kitty walsh

vfx landscape capture by xrez studio: eric hanson & greg downing
local icelandic assistant to xrez studio: ólafur haraldsson
vfx by wolf & crow
executive producer: kevin shapiro
producer: kate berry
producer: emmi nakagawa
vfx supervisor & technical director: sebastiano d’aprile
cg modelers: dan edery & josh suyemoto
lead compositor: andrew thomas huang
compositors: lindsey fry, andrew knizek, norton, travis button
cg lead: sebastiano d’aprile
rendering & lighting: sebastiano d'aprile & josh suyemoto
cg artists: alexis brovko, andrew knizek, amy sharpe

powered by autodesk

autodesk producer: brian pene, director of emerging technology and cto autodesk behind the scenes
on-set capture: keith chamberlain

special thanks to arri media iceland, árni björn helgason andsagafilm studios

vulnicura is available now on cd and vinyl:
and on itunes:


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