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Ascension a Supinfocom Short Film

From  New Form Digital Staff PicksStaff Picks Created On 14 April 2015


Ascensionis the tale of two determined (and accident-prone) climbers who attempt to transport a religious statue to the peak of a snow-covered mountain. Whilst initial readings of that synopsis may lead an audience to assume this is going to be a film of a serious nature, the storyline quickly reveals something quite different. Perfectly puncturing its somber tone with some laugh-out-loud slapstick moments, this animated short combines comedic moments with an endearing narrative centered on friendship and commitment. With an aesthetic as distinct as its narrative, although it was the humor of Ascension that really made it a stand-out short for me, it’d be hard to write about this short without mentioning its wonderful visual style. Featuring some jaw-dropping environments and well-considered characters this is a short that’s sure to set its creators along the right path for a career in animation. We often talk about short film as a calling-card for filmmakers and if that’s the case then Ascension should certainly turn a few heads in the industry. Admirably finding just the right balance between story and style, whilst also injecting some grin-inducing humor into the mix – what more could we ask from a short film?



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