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Marcus Fontain

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From Marcus Fontain Created On 12 December 2018
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The Pentagon's Asymmetric Warfare Advisor has come forward to shed light on the biggest threat America faces today. Here's what it means for you. Should the rise of conflicts across the Middle East and Ukraine serve as a warning sign that something much more dangerous is approaching?  According to Jim Rickards, the CIA's Asymmetric Warfare Advisor, the answer is yes. In a startling interview he reveals that all 16 U.S. Intelligence Agencies have begun to prepare for World War III.  Making matters worse, his colleagues believe it could begin within the next 6 months.   

However, the ground zero location for this global conflict is what makes his interview a must-see for every American.  Take a few moments to watch it below and decide for yourself.  


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CIA Advisor: "America will never be the same..."

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