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Kaiser Report Episode 1043
Neha Narula - Future of Money
 Aimee Mjullins - Changing My Legs and my Mindset
Aimee Mjullin - Oportunity of Adversity
Janine Shepherd - Broken Body Not Broken Person
Helping Children Deal with Tragic Events in the News
Tina Roth Eisenberg  Don’t Complain, Create
Casey Gerald  Don’t Wait for Permission
William Davies on the Happiness Agenda
Mercer Smith - Campaign Monitor
Bill Gates: We can eradicate some of the world’s worst diseases by 2030
Kathy Sierra - Building Badass Users
Inside the mind of a master procrastinator
Do It Yourself Credit Repair - 7 Steps
Business Credit Cards with EIN Only
Bitcoins y el fin del dinero físico
Bilderberg Secretos de la reunión más influyente
A simple way to break a bad habit
The 7 secrets of the greatest speakers
How to Magically Connect with Anyone Brian Miller   TED
7 Ways to Make a Conversation With Anyone   Malavika Varadan   TED
Secret to speaking with confidence
How dressing in drag made me uncover myself   Eric Anthony Dorsa   TED
Race is a fiction. Racism is not  Francys Johnson at TED
Updates from our future city Kent Larson, Ryan Chin, Caleb Harper and Ira Winder TED
Why diversity is upside down  Andrés Tapia at TEDx
Performance  The Fourth Wall at TED