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BRAAINZZ - oops.
Aqua Profonda
Desire To Fly
Construxon Time Again
The Approximate Present
DVA - No Survi
ZHU - Paradise Awaits
IDGAF by Sam by Merce by Sam by Chris
Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc ft. De La Soul
Gorillaz - Clint Eastwood
Крепость Fortress
Storms - Colores
Regular Division
Breakfast in Paris
Animator vs. Animation IV
Introducing Carrot
Así de grandes son las ideas (Ideas are that grand)
Moving On
Craco by Hauschka
The Gift
The Blitz Wolf (MGM-Tex Avery, 1942)
Red Hot Riding Hood (MGM-Tex Avery, 1943)
Red Hot Riding Hood (MGM-Tex Avery, 1943)
Love Child
Liminus Visuals - Journey to the Center of Jah
King-Size Canary (MGM-Tex Avery, 1947)
L3.0 by the Isart Digital school   Short Film