Let Us Give President Trump a Chance

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I did not vote for President Trump nor did I vote for President Obama. I simply do not vote for anybody.  I am also not too keen on getting involved in political discourse. However, I have watched and keep watching people obsessed fighting adamantly against President Trump, marching, chanting angry themes and making a mockery of the few privileges we have left in America. He is now our President! I am concerned, however, he may disparage women, minorities and others. I am also worried about his lack of knowledge with foreign policy; particularly because he came from the private sector with no political experience. I am not sure how this will impact the future of the U.S. And, these are just a few of the many unanswered questions, we, Americans face.

Despite this, I believe Donald Trump’s success as a businessman and as a father is to be praised and to be admired.   I truly believe, the people who do not like him is because they have not taken the time to get to know what he stands for.  Despite of it all, President Trump deserves a chance, as any other President would have; in the same way President Obama was given the opportunity. The American people have spoken loud and clear and chose to elect Donald Trump for good reason. Even if you do not agree with such reasoning, he is still our President and the best thing we can do is to wish him well and pray for him and his family. It is not an easy job! The gridlock, bickering, anger and the divide that has swept our nation will only be perpetuated if President Trump is not given the chance to govern as he so deserves and fought so hard to achieve. And, if you analyze the situation you will conclude that Donald Trump had been preparing for this moment all of his adult life. 

Marcus Fontain, J.D.

President and CEO

Unimundo Corporation


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