Global Internet Video Awards (“GIVA”)

Policy Statement

UNIMUNDO presents once a year the Unimundo Global Internet Video Awards (“GIVA”) which is designed to provide global exposure to Video Art and Video Content Creations and to position the imaginative and creative video Producers among the leading Producers in the film industry worldwide.
The annual GIVA Awards go to videos selected through the votes of the Voting Members.  A GIVA voting Member is a valid and recognizable Registered Member who also chooses to become a GIVA Voting Member.
For the GIVA, the Voting Members votes are automatically tallied by online voting toward the selection of the winning Videos.  The GIVA videos are then selected by a Committee and the GIVA videos are then chosen from the most highly rated Videos in the Staff Picks .
The GIVA is presented to any Video belonging to any Registered Member regardless of the Registered Member’s country of residence.
For the GIVA event the Voting count is tallied on an annual basis commencing on January 05, of each calendar year. The GIVA voting stops on December 20, of the same calendar year. The Awards Ceremony will then be conducted in the spring-time of the following calendar year at which time the winners are announced.
The GIVA awards resemble to a large extent the Grammy Awards, Billboard Awards and/or American Music Awards to give recognition to the best original videos of the year as selected by the Committee.  
To this end, video producers are able to upload their own videos under the respective Categories, which are listed on the UNIMUNDO video Uploading page. Participation in UNIMUNDO is strictly voluntary and designed for the sole purpose of the Artists, Members and/or Producers gaining worldwide exposure for their productions.
UNIMUNDO’s mission is to provide Entertainment Producers with a safe and positive environment to create exposure for their Videos, Programs, and Video Art Products and to help Producers share their Video creations by connecting with others all over the planet.
The process of uploading is strictly voluntary on the part of the Artists, Producer and/or Members.  


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