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Will This Video Get Donald Trump Elected?

From  Informativo Created On 23 October 2016


Will This Video Get Donald Trump Elected? - Trump is the most honest politician since JFK. Private institution have directly contributed hundreds of millions to the Clinton campaign. I will vote for Trump. I was a supporter of Hillary for a while but this video just made me realize something. WikiLeaks has totally uncovered how corrupt Hillary and her people are. I was on the side of Hillary simply because she is a woman.  Off course, I would love a woman President but Hillary is not the one and Tim Kayne is a joke. Trump stepped up for the love of his Country. This guy understands what America is in and seriously wants America back on top. I think with that kind of drive anything is possible. I mean, hell...he is a successful man with a successful family. Trump can at least reduce America's HUGE debt problem. He understands the situation. Trump is more capable than Hillary. And, calling Donald racist, only shows people's ignorance; the liberal media brain washed symptoms. Poor bastardsMost people don't even realize what it takes to lead a Country. I don't think the majority is voting for the facts at stake here; some people do not realize how crooked Hillary really is! They are voting for superficial reasons and not based on saving America. Trump, is a business that, is what is needed to get America back to the top. He knows politics too. He's a tough guy that can bring fear into people. I fear Hillary is going to get butchered by other countries. Trump loves the USA and its people. Please vote Trump. Let’s end the corruption in Washington and finally retire the Clintons.




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