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Picture Yourself

From  Many Cohello Created On 15 September 2016


Picture Yourself from Voyager

Charles Clark believes in the power of visualization.  He hears the crowds. He tastes the sweat. He feels the energy. He smells the smoke. Most importantly though, he sees himself bringing home a gold medal for Team USA at the 2016 Olympic Games.  And yet, after suffering a debilitating injury in 2010, this once-decorated athlete's goal seems more distant than ever. To reclaim his dream, he's dedicated his life to power of positive thinking and visualization. As the games near and his odds converge with his aspirations, Charles explores past wounds both on and off the track and realizes that true victory doesn’t always come in gold.

Director: Henry Busby
Client: Dick's Sporting Goods
Agency: Tribeca Digital Studios
Producer: Andrew Hutcheson
Cinematographer: Jeff Melanson
Editor: Charles Frank & Henry Busby
Production Manager: David Brickel
Sound Mixer: Richard Carlos
PA: Alexandre Echeverri
Composer: Peter Corn
Music Supervisor: Joey Scarborough
Audio Post: One Thousand Birds
Audio Post Producer: Kira MacKnight
Sound Designer: Calvin Pia
Color: Company3
Finishing Producer: Avalonne Hall
Colorist: Andrew Geary
VFX Artist: Justin Scholar
Film Lab: Metropolis Post

Tribeca Digital Studios
Executive Producers: Edward W. Stack
Lauren Hobart
Ryan Eckel
Frank Igrec
Supervising Producer: Willy Friedman
Associate Producers: Sarah Walker
Rebecca Covington
Post Producer: Sophie Finkelstein


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