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Pincel de Zorro (Español)

From  Triangle Films Created On 14 September 2016


Pincel de Zorro – Español from Hug Codinach
Personal project to promote the book Pincel de Zorro, now in its second edition, published by Ediciones Ondina. An illustrated tale from the Spanish author Sergio A. Sierra, Pincel de Zorro is a whimsical story set in Japan, full of tenderness, magic and sadness. The story is complemented by unique illustrations, all of which are hand drawn by Meritxell Ribas using a complex technique called grattage, in which paint is scraped off the canvas with a pointed tool. Pincel de Zorro tells the tale of Shiori, a little girl whose life changes the same night her father brings home a dead fox from a hunting trip. Mysteriously when her parents decide to sell the precious skin of the animal, they receive a visit from a magical woman.

This project has been an amazing collaboration between my friends, Sergio and Meritxell, authors of the book, Albert Alay, the music composer, and me, taking the role of creative director. This has been a passion project of ours, done with no budget, and we hope that someday we can bring these wonderful characters to life in a feature film.

Direction, Design and Animation: Hug Codinach
Illustrations: Meritxell Ribas
Text: Sergio Sierra
Music: Albert Alay
Special thanks to Rick Gledhill at King & Country and Gabriela Effron.


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