Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

1.  What is UNIMUNDO?

UNIMUNDO is a FREE Member supported Internet Television;  Web TV;  Video Sharing; News Streaming Media with its own Blogging Platform UBLOGGER and a Social Media through USOCIAL. UNIMUNDO supports Indie-films, Documentaries and music-videos produced by Film Studios, Filmmakers and Independent Producers. UNIMUNDO is also the home of the Global Internet Video Awards (“GIVA”). .

UNIMUNDO is a community of respectful people who enjoy collaborating, and watching videos made by people just like you. UNIMUNDO provides you with FREE space to showcase your Videos and your creativity.

UNIMUNDO’s mission is to provide Video Producers with a safe and positive environment to create exposure for their Videos; Media and/or Art Products and to help Producers share their Video creations by connecting with others all over the planet.

2.  How do I Pronounce UNIMUNDO?

Uni Mundo (Uni Moondo)

3.  Will UNIMUNDO always be Free?

Yes, UNIMUNDO will always offer a free service for our users and members.

4.  Does UNIMUNDO have a Terms of Use Policy?

Yes…And, you should never use UNIMUNDO’s website, submit media and/or upload any videos without first reading and agreeing with the UNIMUNDO’s Terms of Use.

5.  How do I upload a Video to UNIMUNDO?

First, you must sign up to Unimundo, for this you need to go to the Upload Page. If you are already a Member, you can click the “Upload” button on the home page or find any other link on the page “Upload” and that will bring you to the upload page where you can upload your video.

Make sure you have first read and agree with the Uploading Terms to know your rights and obligations:  

We insist you only upload videos you made or that your have the right to upload. Select a select the file you want to upload from your computer, and hit “Upload” Your video will magically start uploading to and you will see the progress bar telling you how long it will take.

6.  How can I make videos SEO and SEF friendly?

1. Use a short title;
2. Create a Description;
3. Create Meta Keywords;
4. Create Meta Tags; and
5. Always select a category.

Be aware that slower connections and large files will take longer so please be patient. You can monitor that process with a progress bar. After you video is finished uploading, it will go through the UNIMUNDO conversion process and it will be displayed on the page.  

Some videos depending on the original format will take longer to process than others.  For the most part it is a relatively short time.

7.  When Editing; What are the various options under 'Access' on the “Edit Page.”

1.  Public - Means Everyone;
2.  Guests/Visitors - ONLY Guests can see the video.  However, if a Guest logs in he or she becomes a Registered User will not see the video.
3.  Registered Users Only - ONLY people logged in can see the video; no one else will be able to see the video;
4.  Special/Staff Only - ONLY the Webmaster can see it.

Regarding the Profile Video or "Featured Video”

Profile Video or "Featured Video” is the last Uploaded video.  We are working on creating a selection process so that videos on specific channels can be featured at will.

8.  How do I confirm my email?

After signing up you will be sent an email for you to confirm your enrollment.

Make sure you are checking the e-mail you used to sign up for.

Keep an eye on your spam folder sometimes emails end in the spam folder.  It helps if you go to your spam filter and allow e-mails from UNIMUNDO.

If you have any trouble signing up; send us an email to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

9.  Do I use my real Name to join Unimundo?

Always use your True name, company and/or DBA. Please, do not sign up with some flaky name. We will be able to detect it and chances are the account will be deleted.

10. What is the he GIVA (awards)?

The Global Internet Video Awards (GIVA) are designed to provide exposure and to position the imaginative and creative Producer or Producers among the leading Producers in the world.  For more details read the GIVA please go to:

The GIVA goes to videos solely featured in UNIMUNDO and can only be selected through the votes of the “Voting Members.”  

The member’s votes are tallied toward the selection of the winning Videos in each Category for where the top videos receive the Award.

The “UNIMUNDO Choice Award” goes to the best Video of the year which is determined by having the highest vote by the Voting Members.

11.  What is a Voting Member?

A “Voting Member” is a “Registered Member.”  

There can only be one (1) winning video per Category and only one (1) video as the winner of the “UNIMUNDO Choice Award.”   However, in the event of a tie in any of the Categories and/or of the Video for the Choice Award, those videos will be reset for new voting by the Voting Members.  The final tally shall be concluded on the Thirtieth (30) day from the date the videos are republished for new votes at which time the voting will close and the winners will then be announced.

12. Can I use UNIMUNDO for my Business or for Commercial Purposes?

No!  UNIMUNDO is for noncommercial use only. If your intent is to use UNIMUNDO as a hosting service for your business, or promoting a product or service, then you are not allowed to use UNIMUNDO and you should go elsewhere. Please read the Uploading Terms:

13.  How do I Get People to watch my Videos?

Promote…Promote and Promote some more…The best way to promote your videos is by using taking advantage of Social Media, such as Facebook, Twitter, UBlogger and USocial.

Blog about your videos on UBlogger:

Go Social with USocial:  

Share your videos by embedding on other video sites, advertising, or any other marketing campaign you so desire to employ. The idea is to get people to watch your videos and to give your videos as much exposure as you possibly can to win the GIVA.
Go to GIVA:

To promote your videos is not difficult; you just need to be dedicated to let as many people as possible become aware of your production.

You should refrain from attempting to deceive others for the purpose of increasing your videos view count. UNIMUNDO is a community of intelligent and creative people. UNIMUNDO strongly encourages you to find people who share your interests and connect with them here.

14.  How do I Interact with people?

The more you interact with the UNIMUNDO community by liking and commenting on videos, the more they will be interested in watching your videos and getting to know you in return.

To start, we recommend for you to create some Groups; join other’s Groups; use UBlogger and USocial and follow and/or subscribe to other Channels.

You should also think about participating in some of the many great UNIMUNDO projects in UNIMUNDO’s Projects Forum.

15.  How do I get my videos featured?

UNIMUNDO has a Committee that meets to select the Staff Pics.  Staff Pics videos are those videos that exemplify the best of the best of UNIMUNDO.

Then there is the GIVA Channel.  The GIVA videos are for the most part selected from the Staff Pics.

Please refrain from sending messages to Staff members to watch your videos, that doesn't work.

16.  How do I log out?

Simply, close your browser or log out by selecting "log out" on the drop down banner on the top navigation menu.

17.  What video formats can I upload to UNIMUNDO?

You may upload the following file formats – mov, mpeg, divx, flv, mpg, avi, mp4

18.  How much Space do I have for my videos?

Each video file is allowed up to and including One Thousand Megabits (1000 MB).

19.  How long can I make the title to my videos?

Titles to videos are best to keep them short for SEO and SEF purposes.  However, the title to your videos may not exceed Sixty (60) characters including spaces.

Try to keep the titles of your videos short, sweet and to the point so Search Engines can find them and more people can discover your videos.

20.  How long can I make the description of my videos?

The description of your video may be up to and including Five Thousand (5,000) characters including spaces.  

However, the video description should be brief and to the point unless you have an extended list of people that collaborated on the video because you want Search Engines to find your videos and easier. You also want the viewer to enjoy reading what you have to say about your videos without having to read too much.  Keep it simple!

21.  How long can the tags for my videos be?

The tags should not exceed Thirty (30) words separated by comas.

Do some research and be smart when writing tags because these are words that Search Engines will see and read to publish your videos. Be as concise as you can.

22.  What type of videos can I upload?

Please read the UNIMUNDO Uploading Terms:

The Uploading Terms are a binding and enforceable contract that you need to read and understand.

If you do not understand the Uploading Terms, either get the advice of competent counsel.  

23.  Can I upload other people’s videos?

Just as long as you do not infringe on the copyrights and/or trademarks of others. Refer to these pages for more Information:

Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) -

Uploading Terms

Unimundo’s Vision -

Community Guidelines -
We should all do our best to protect the copyright and/or trademarks of others.

Depending on the content rights, privileges, trademarks and value of your video or videos, UNIMUNDO reserves the unilateral and exclusive right to delete or take down your video or videos without notifying you.

24.  If I see a video that is violating the Copyright of another should I report it to UNIMUNDO?

Yes, immediately! Send us an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  

As a matter of fairness; if you see a video and/or media that infringes on the rights of another or that it should not be part of UNIMUNDO for any reason whatsoever, you should report it.  We will never disclose your name and/or source.

25.  How do I get Involved in the UNIMUNDO Social Network - USocial?

Participating in the USocial  is important because if you interact with others through USocial you will find the experience to be very rewarding.  Additionally, Blog about your videos as much as you can through UBlogger:

One of the best way to get started is to upload a video you have created. Voting Members will then see you are as a creative and talented individual just like them. You should also watch the other videos and give feedback to their creators.

Whenever you are navigating UNIMUNDO and you find a video you like, go ahead, leave a comment; tell that person what you think of their video, why you like the video, or even what you think might help make it better.

You can also click the “Like” button to show your appreciation. Not only does this give the owner of the Video a good feeling, but now they are more likely to check out your videos in return.

If they Comment and “Like” your Videos, your videos will be brought to the attention of their contacts too, which will increase the amount of views which in turn will count toward the UNIMUNDO Awards.

Make contacts! If you see someone else’s videos you like, add them as a contact and subscribe to their videos. That way you will always see what they upload as well as see the videos they “Like” on UNIMUNDO. The more you interact, the more members of the community you will meet.

Get involved in the Discussions. Try looking in the Discussions to see if there are any cool projects you can participate in.

As long as you maintain a respectful attitude towards the people you encounter and explore the many creative videos UNIMUNDO members upload. You can have a very positive experience on UNIMUNDO. So explore a little and have fun!

26.  I do not Know How to Make Videos. Where do I Even Start?

You don't need to be an experienced producer to make videos. All you just need is a camera, and a little motivation. There are all kinds of videos on UNIMUNDO made by all kinds of different people.

Some people make videos with their iPhones; Android Phones or little digital point and shoot camera that has video capabilities, others are professionals who make a living from making videos, and there are the people in between who make edited videos with slightly nicer video cameras.

Whatever kind of video producer you may be, there are always great videos on UNIMUNDO to get inspired by and we love any kind of video you create.

If you're a beginner, start by making a video of whatever you feel is creative and upload it. If you are feeling slightly more enthusiastic, try editing a video using an editing program. Most computers come with some sort of editing software, and the more you practice editing video with it, the more rewarding it will be.

To practice editing a video, try making a 5 Vignettes - 5, 5 second video clips put together to make a short video. As you become more familiar with editing, try to make similar videos that you find on UNIMUNDO. You can also join different Groups and ask other users questions about how they make their videos.

Try it you may become a famous producer after all. The sky is the limit! You could also strive to win the GIVA in whichever category you chose.  

27.  What are the Recommended Settings for Uploading a Video?

There is no way we can make exporting and/or compression guides for every kind of video software on the market. However, we do want to give you some guidelines for compressing your videos for UNIMUNDO.  

28. What is a Codec?

A codec is the format in which your video will be encoded. Different codecs have different features and varying quality. For best results to upload to UNIMUNDO we recommend using mov, mpeg, divx, flv, mpg, avi, mp4.

29.  What are the Frame-Rate & Key-Frames

If there is an option that says "current," it is best to just go with that. Otherwise, this is usually 30 fps (frames per second) for USA, Canada, and Japan, while in Europe and rest of the world it's usually 25 fps. If there is an option for key-frames, use the same value you used for frame rate.

UNIMUNDO does not change the frame rate of your video if it is fewer than 30fps. However, anything faster than that will be capped at 30fps.

30. What is Data Rate?

This setting controls both the visual quality of the video and how big the file will be. In most video editors, this is done in terms of kilobits per second (Kbits/sec or kbps). Use 2000 Kbits/sec, for standard definition, 4:3 video, 3000 Kbits/sec for widescreen DV, or 5000 Kbits/sec, for high definition footage.

31.  What is Deinterlace?

If you have this option, enable it. If you shoot in DV format, this is an especially important. If you do not deinterlace, you will often get weird-looking horizontal lines in your video.

32.  What Resolution Should I Use?

640x480 for standard definition 4:3 video, 853x480 for widescreen DV, or 1280x720 for high definition. It is also best to export 1920x1080 or 1440x1080 video as 1280x720 too, since we will automatically scale it down. If you have the option to control the pixel aspect ratio (not display aspect ratio) make sure it's set to "1:1" or "1.00", also sometimes called "square pixels."

33.  What Audio Settings Should I use?

Choose AAC for the audio codec. You'll want to set the bit rate to 320 kbps and the sample rate to 44.100 kHz.

34.  How About the Encoders?

Our encoders do not like Apple Pro-Res codecs. They're very intense codecs that create a hassle for our servers. If you insist on using your own settings, please avoid using Apple Pro-Res.

35.  If Something Goes wrong, or does not Work...What Should I do?

Try again! Sometimes the best way to fix a problem is to try it again by refreshing your computer.

If your problem does not resolve after multiple attempts, try holding down the “shift” button on your keyboard and pushing the reload button on your browser. This method resets the cache in your browser which will often clear up any problems. If this method still doesn’t work, quit your browser and reopen it and try again.

326  Is there any cool UNIMUNDO merchandise?

Yes! We have UNIMUNDO t-shirts, Jackets and caps available.

37.  Is there a hi-resolution UNIMUNDO logo available for download?

You can find hi-res UNIMUNDO logos for downloading on this page: “UNIMUNDO Logos” Look for the "Downloadable" tab along the right hand side of the page. You can also find UNIMUNDO Logos on the Internet.

38.  Can I control if it is possible for people to embed my videos or not?

Unfortunately not...If someone wants to "embed" your videos somewhere else it is not possible to control it.  

39.  Are there any other controls over the way the embedded video will look?

In the case of embedded videos they take the player as it is. There will not be any changes to the format and/or appearance.

40.  Is it possible to add my own branding to the player?

The best and most efficient way is to Brand your own videos.  The programming and branding of any player is highly complex and hugely time consuming.

41.  Can I control what happens at the end of the video in terms of perhaps suggesting links to other videos on my channel?

The best, easiest and most effective way to do it is to insert a clip at the end of the video with the links or information you want to have and/or any other promotions.


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