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From Norma Fontain Created On 19 April 2021
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Patty Candela – Translation from French to English

As of April 3, 1961, in its "White Paper" the State Department had openly declared a dirty war against our country. As pointed Ernesto Che Guevara in his speech before the Inter-American Economic and Social Council, on 8 August 1961: "[...] it was a real masterpiece of belligerence [...] in the "White Paper", we called the people of Cuba subversion and revolution against the Castro regime [...].”

Despite the debacle wiped on the sands of Playa Giron, many senior leaders of the government of John F. Kennedy wanted to prove that the "Cuban situation" could still be resolved and continued to design the assassination of the main leaders of the Cuban Revolution military invasion as the only realistic action.

April 22, 1961, the President gave the following instructions to his chief military adviser, General Maxwell Taylor: [...] Look closely at all our practices and our programs in the field of military and paramilitary activities, insurrection and rebellion against which are not open war operations. I think we need to strengthen our work in this area. I hope that in this review you will pay special attention to the lessons that can be learned from recent events in Cuba "[...]


The Patty transaction is in the search for new mechanisms of aggression, as part of a secret war would be waged not only against Cuba but against Latin America. In this complex historical context, this operation was the expression of feeling vengeful enemies of the Cuban Revolution.

Terrorism was to experience a particular intensity from the second half of 1961. Historical studies and testimony show that between 1960 and 1967, the Cuban people and its security agencies foiled more than a hundred assassination projects particularly deadly against Fidel and other leaders of the Revolution. The secret CIA base, JM Wave, Miami, would now receive more funds to conduct irregular warfare. Infiltration and terrorist attacks on our shores multiplied. Groups of refugees in the mountains bandits tried to reorganize and received new supplies of ammunition and weapons. The strategists of the CIA and the Pentagon carefully prepared the new strategic operation known under the code name "Mongoose," the Yankee government approved in late 1960.

In terms of terror, following years of this decade were tough and bloody for our people. This was the reaction of a wounded beast.

The most dangerous subversive operations have not been accurately described by the authors in their memoirs or in the history books. We must draw on the documentary evidence lost in time; find older actors in this drama and redial small pieces of historical puzzle in the quest for a more objective view of what happened.

The Operation Patty was not a brainless project. The CIA agent Alfredo Izaguirre de la Riva was very explicit in his statements to the Cuban authorities after his arrest. Impossible to know if he failed some sensitive information that could compromise even further.

In mid-May 1961, the Riva Izaguirre ran from Havana to Miami to know first hand the causes of the Bay of Pigs debacle, but especially to inquire about the new plans against Cuba.

He was director of a newspaper and had inherited many business in Cuba in the 50s In 1959 he began his contacts with Jack Stuart, employee of the US Embassy in Havana, as well as Robert E. Wiecha, vice-consul in the city of Santiago de Cuba, which ends with the recruiting for the CIA.

He collaborated with many secret missions for officials of the local CIA station in Havana until January 1961 at which time he went several times to the United States to follow a specialized training in the field of espionage and terrorist activit

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