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From RADIO PROGRESS TV Created On 04 March 2021
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Interesting Ball
A red ball bounces past a cafe and a couple folks’ houses and then goes to the beach.
If you’re reading the above synopsis and thinking that description sounds far too normal for a film by eccentric directorial duo DANIELS – don’t fret! Shit’s about to get all kinds of crazy! Taking us on a journey through the absurd, the bizarre and the ridiculous, filmmakers Scheinert and Kwan once again prove why they are such hot property when it comes to the world of online video.
Last seen on Short of the Week back in 2012 with their FX-driven, action-packed short about a man who tries to rob a magician, the filmmaking pair have had their hands full directing a series of critically-acclaimed, much-shared music videos for the likes of Joywave, DJ Snake & Lil Jon and Passion Pit. Created for Dazed’s Visionaries series and released on Halloween, Interesting Ball is the DANIELS longest project to date. Conceived through a shared desire to bring some of their oldest, dumbest, weirdest, dearest ideas to life, Interesting Ball plays out like the pair’s concept notebook has come alive as one 13-minute film. Feeling like a bunch of music-video scenarios rolled into one long piece, we’re taken on a journey through a world of Bro-Formers, ball-love and runaway refrigerators with the only connection seemingly the path of a bouncing red ball.
Exploring the age-old question of “why did someone give us money?” that faces most directors at some point in the careers, the DANIELS have spent their budget most wisely with their latest masterpiece. A veritable orgy of insanity, Interesting Ball goes to places other directors dare-not (and probably wouldn’t want to) go and if you’re watching this short and you’re out of by the absurdity of the piece, just remember one thing – “if the universe is as infinite as they say it is, then these weird things that are happening aren’t just probable, they are inevitable”.
Keep an eye out for the directors making a cameo in Interesting Ball – you just couldn’t imagine Hitchcock doing that!

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Interesting Ball by DANIELS Short Film
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