UNIMUNDO is a free Member supported Internet Television;  Web TV;  Video Sharing; News Streaming Media with its own Blogging Platform UBLOGGER and a Social Media through USOCIAL. UNIMUNDO supports Indie-films, Documentaries and music-videos produced by Film Studios, Filmmakers and Independent Producers. UNIMUNDO is also the home of the Global Internet Video Awards (“GIVA”).


The UNIMUNDO Blog…UBlogger is designed for you to focus on promoting your Videos, your writing and your ideas.  The UNIMUNDO Blog is a network with an extremely simple Blogging platform for collecting and developing ideas and sharing them.  The UNIMUNDO Blog encourages you to create ideas, links, and thoughts, and then it makes it easy to publish those ideas in successful articles.  http://UNIMUNDO.tv/blogger-guest


The UNIMUNDO Social Media…USocial is also designed for you to promote yourself and your videos and to help you expand your network of followers and get to know others but most al for you to exhort others such as your followers to come to support your videos and to get the word out about your work.  http://UNIMUNDO.tv/social-club-guest

4.  GIVA (Awards)
The GIVA (Awards) are designed to provide global exposure to Video Art and Video Content Creations and to position the imaginative and creative Producer or Producers among the leading Producers in the world as well as to promote ordinary people.

The GIVA (Awards) are the equivalent of the Billboard Awards, BET Awards, the Oscars and the Grammy Awards for the videos featured in UNIMUNDO which are selected through the votes of the “Voting Members.” A Voting Member is a Registered Member and/or a Registered Member.  http://UNIMUNDO.tv/UNIMUNDO-awards

A.  Two platforms clearly stand out when it comes to hosting online videos: YouTube and UNIMUNDO.  YouTube's definitely the bigger.  At 800 million unique visitors per month, with roughly 72- hours of content being uploaded each minute, it is by far the most used video-sharing platform on the web. However, because of its size the videos uploaded to YouTube cannot be given the attention and recognition UNIMUNDO provides.  Furthermore, videos on UNIMUNDO are all cataloged and easily recalled though a special algorithm only UNIMUNDO has.  This is unique to UNIMUNDO and it is vital.

So upload statistics alone does not necessarily make YouTube the best platform on the web. UNIMUNDO, while on a smaller audience scale, has plenty of advantages over the streaming giant — especially for someone who is looking to receive helpful feedback or showcase their work to a community of filmmakers.   YouTube is a great platform; but, overall it depends on what type of video one is uploading and what sort of audience a Member is trying to reach.  But, if a Member is struggling to decide between the two, check out our list below of reasons why UNIMUNDO might be the best fit for you:

1. UNIMUNDO’s Community of Professionals

Unlike YouTube's massive audience, UNIMUNDO is a smaller, niche community of film enthusiasts. But its modest size creates an intimate and fully engaged community. It is a network of people who are genuinely interested in film quality, so the Member knows his or her work is being seen by people who will appreciate it.

The videos from UNIMUNDO can easily be shared using UBlogger and USocial and a UNIMUNDO Member is more likely to get constructive criticism in the comments section. On YouTube, even a video of a baby owl stretching its wings for the first time is guaranteed to launch a string of off-topic, mean and flat-out racist comments.  Thus, UNIMUNDO brings out the “artist” in a Member, not the “anti-Christ.”

2.  UNIMUNDO’s Blog - UBlogger
The UNIMUNDO Blog is a powerful means for UNIMUNDO Members to write Blogs.  The Blogging can be about any subject; there are not restrictions on what a UNIMUNDO Member can blog about just as long as it is respectful and decent.  UBlogger is fully optimized for SEO and SEF.  Any blog written on UBlogger can easily be shared on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and more than 200-Social Media websites available through UNIMUNDO. Just click on the favorite social media and post it directly to your wall.  http://unimundo.tv/blogger-guest
3.  UNIMUNDO’S Social Club - USocial

USocial is not just very special it is also a very effective and fully integrated way for the Members of UNIMUNDO to share ideas and to express themselves about the videos on UNIMUNDO or any other subject as in any other Social Media. The social page can also easily be shared on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and more. Just click on the favorite social media and post it directly to your wall. http://unimundo.tv/social-club-guest

4. In UNIMUNDO there is less ... Fluff

There are plenty of gems on YouTube. But the problem with a site where more than 70-hours of video are uploaded every minute is that not every hour is going to be something one would like to watch. There is not a single 30-second video clip of a man dancing in a penguin costume on UNIMUNDO.

5. UNIMUNDO’S Cleaner Layout

Aside from the difference in video quality and genres, UNIMUNDOoffers a cleaner aesthetic than YouTube. Videos are larger and of much higher quality and there's limited clutter around the frame, so it really feels like the primary focus of UNIMUNDOis on the video, and nothing else.

6. No Advertising Banners in UNIMUNDO

UNIMUNDO does not offer distracting advertising banners which is a huge perk for the viewer.

7. UNIMUNDO’s Password Security

UNIMUNDO allows you to password-protect and Private Mode your videos, so you can share them with friends before setting them as public. It differs from creating a "private" video on YouTube in that you do not need to be logged into the video's account to view it — you just forward the video to your recipient along with the password to type in.


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